Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cocobanana clubbing

two of us look so ngong in this pic..

haha...look vry crowded here....

da new gal i knw frm club (Kathy) + me

di di + me

omg wat m i doing? drunk?

Erm..unbelievable, finally CINDERELLA can go out n stay overnite until 4am leh...omg, really enjoyable cz is 2nd time in my life go clubbing..

COcObANaNa, fun club at sunway pyramid tht u may try to go in nxt time, guess wat, whn i first step in, i nvr expect the whole club dun ave any chairs at al..al standing leh, feel weird, n thn start frm 10pm like tht, the club is crowded with all youngsters n sum uncle...(saw sum leng zai+ leng lui there although vry dark there..

manage to tke sum crazy pictures there whn we almost drunk n floating al around...all lk funny n excited n extremely high mayb cz of alcohol (Chivas)..nt bad lo, da taste of Chivas+ coke, vry tasty, omg, i really addicted to alcohol ard...muahaha..
im waiting going pub lo, in this coming sipadan trip nxt year, muahaha...i wait...muahaha, sot jor...


Wen Ni said...

you going to sipadan? wow cool, how much is the package you bought?

Ying ying said...

erm...bit expensive lo, cz cheap one like for backpackers look vry 'cheap'..RM900 for packages excluded flight